JSC PA “Promhimapparat” and “Novoufimsky NPZ” experts have developed and patented (Patent of invention Nº 2157495) shell-and-tube heat exchanger construction that provides heat exchanging efficiency 21-25% higher than the standard heat exchangers of same dimensions and heat exchange surfaces of tube bundles. This increased efficiency is achieved due to flow turbulence through all the intertubular space avoiding stem areas and laminar flow areas. This effect is ensured by replacing flat segmental separators of the tube bundle with cascades of bushings with plates, flow turbulators. These cascades of bushings with plates-turbulators are allocated one by one on the precise distances calculated based on the flow speed, viscosity of the environment, temperature and pressure. Tube bundle is locked in a corset to avoid by-pass flows in the intertubular space.

High-efficiency heat exchanger tube bundles

The usage of these high-efficient heat exchangers is particularly effective and invariable while reconstructing operating technological units where the replacement or modernization of the existing column or reactor causes the need to replace “old” heat exchangers by new ones with bigger heat exchange surface so consequently bigger dimensions that is not always possible due to limited space available.

Another advantage of these “bush” heat exchangers is that their tight, drawn together with bandages tube bundle construction resists powerful dynamic flows that provoke vibrations and accelerate wear due to collisions and friction with the surfaces of the holes in the dividing walls.

Dozens of “bush” heat exchangers are produced by JSC PA “Promhimapparat” since 2000, successfully operating on a variety of technological units.